ST. PETERSBURG: More Red Light Cameras On the Way

Starting September 15, 2011, St. Petersburg drivers at certain stop lights will be able to wave at stop light cameras while red-light runners will get their pictures taken and a warning in the mail.

Certain intersections in Pinellas county are getting cameras attached to the signals. Red Light Cameras, as they are called, will capture still images and video of red-light running drivers and their plates. These cameras are currently being used at many lights already in the Tampa Bay area.

Now the City of St. Petersburg is installing even more. The City’s transportation officials have launched a new public safety program called “Stop on Red.” Currently the city is posting warning signs alerting drivers that the red-light safety cameras will be installed at the signals.Police say studies show that drivers tend to change their red light running habits with cameras watching them. Law enforcement like to think of the red light cameras as a form of behavior modification. Opponents say the cameras and the fines they generate, are a huge moneymaker for law enforcement agencies and doubt that they will stop fatalities.

Installation of the Red Light Cameras and warning signs has been finalized at these St. Petersburg intersections:

*** 4th Street and Gandy Boulevard ***
*** 4th Street and 54th Avenue North ***
*** 4th Street and 22nd Avenue North ***
*** 6th Street and 5th Avenue North ***
*** 34th Street and 38th Avenue North ***
*** 34th Street and 1st Avenue North ***
*** 34th Street and 1st Avenue South ***
*** 34th Street and 22nd Avenue South ***
*** 66th Street and 38th Avenue North ***
*** 66th Street and Tyrone Boulevard ***

These intersections were chosen after a crash study identified these locations as high -risk for accidents. Over the past three (3) years the city has had twenty one (21) fatal crashes at stop lights, with 13 deaths related to red-light runners.Starting September 15, 2011, drivers caught on tape running these signals will receive a mailed “warning,” sent to the registered owner of the car. Then thirty (30) days later on October 15, 2011, Traffic Citations by mail will be issued if someone runs these lights. Running a red-light could set you back $158.00, and can increase to $264.00 or higher if paid late.

There are at least thirty (30) Red Light Cameras mounted in Tampa Bay including, over twenty (20) in Hillsborough County.

Previously approved Red Light Cameras in South Pasadena are now at the following locations:

*** Northbound Pasadena Avenue South @ Sailboat Key Boulevard South ***
*** Northbound Pasadena Avenue South @ Shore Drive South ***
*** Northbound Pasadena Avenue South @ Park Street South ***
*** Southbound Pasadena Avenue South. @ Gulfport Boulevard South ***
*** Southbound Pasadena Avenue South @ Shore Drive South ***


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