BROOKSVILLE: Oxycodone was Motive for Son Killing His Father

A jury in Hernando County Florida finds son Guilty of First Degree Murder for killing his father, in cold blood, over the popular (and deadly) drug Oxycodone.

In a Brooksville courtroom, Assistant State Attorney Pete Magrino gripped the Revelation 12-gauge, sawed-off shotgun and pointed it at the courtroom wall, just feet from the jury.He pumped the slide on the shotgun, then pulled the trigger. Pump. Click. Pump. Click. Pump. Click.

“Ivan Horne was shot four (4) times. I don’t know how fast or slow the defendant cycled this shotgun when he murdered his father,” Magrino told jurors Thursday, pointing at the 20-year-old man sitting at the defense table. “We’re not talking one shot.”

After a dramatic closing argument by the Assistant State Attorney, the jury took just one (1) hour to find Stephen Horne guilty of First-Degree Murder in the May 2010 shooting of his father, Ivan Horne, 47. Authorities say the son was motivated by drugs and money.Later, just after Chief Circuit Judge Daniel Merritt Sr. sentenced Horne, of Ridge Manor, to LIFE in prison (without the possibility of parole), the convicted killer turned to sobbing family members sitting two rows behind him, and he smiled.

Some told Horne they loved him. Others couldn’t say anything. As deputies escorted him out, he glared at news reporters.

Horne was also convicted of Robbery with a Firearm and Possession of a Short-Barreled Shotgun.

His accomplice, Angel Gonzalez, 28, of Holiday, was convicted last month of First Degree Murder and was also sentenced to LIFE in prison.

In court Thursday, Magrino read portions of a damning confession Horne had given to Hernando sheriff’s Detective Bryan Faulkingham.

” ‘I killed my father. I shot my father. I planned it all,’ ” Magrino read. ” ‘I hated my father. I seen dollar signs. I planned it out. Everything was all my idea. I was going to get away with it.’ ”

The two (2) men stole Ivan Horne’s prescribed Oxycodone pills and between $200 and $600, Magrino said. Then they stripped him of his boots, trousers and cell phone.

“The state has proven that defendant right there,” Magrino said, pointing at Horne, “is a cold-blooded killer.”

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