WEYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS: Search Warrant Obtained for Drug Dealer’s Bowel Movements

Sometimes, good police work requires that you get down and dirty.

Earlier this week, in Weymouth, Massachusetts, Rene Valencia, a 24-year-old entrepreneur (i.e., “drug dealer”) charged with Attempting to Sell Heroin and Cocaine near Weston Park allegedly swallowed his drugs rather than face the consequences of getting caught red-handed. However, the police in this small northeastern town (known for being the home of the world’s busiest Dunkin’ Donuts) one-up’d the hungry suspect when they obtained a Search Warrant for his bowel movements!! How’s that taste, Mr. Valencia?”He did not think that the detectives would go through the difficulty of getting a search warrant to retrieve the drugs from his bowel movement,” Lt. Rick Fuller said on Feb. 3. “He was wrong.”

Fuller said that detectives recovered seven (7) bags of heroin, eleven (11) bags of cocaine, and two (2) bags of crack cocaine from Rene Valencia, following a surveillance operation on Washington Street in Weymouth.Valencia was arraigned in Quincy District Court on Feb. 3rd for Possession of Heroin with Intent to Sell, Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Sell, Conspiracy to Violate Massachusett’s drug laws, and committing drug violations near a park.

According to Lt. Fuller, Valencia arrived near Weston Park to sell the drugs at 11:50 a.m., when undercover detectives approached him. “Upon approaching his vehicle, the suspected drug dealer began swallowing several small bags of drugs,” Fuller said.

Detectives arrested Valencia and took him to South Shore Hospital where the drug contents were recovered.

Valencia later told the detectives that he has swallowed drugs on many occasions when pulled over by the police. According to police, this case shows the extent that drug dealers will go to not get caught. It also shows the extent that creative police officers will go to in order to make a case against them.

Be aware………..

Not only is it dangerous, and sometimes lethal, to swallow drugs (in an effort to hide them from law enforcement), but in the State of Florida it is also ILLEGAL. Had this story taken place in the State of Florida, Mr. Valencia would be looking at some additional Felony offenses.

To begin with, he would most likely get charged with Tampering with Evidence (for attempting to hide narcotics from law enforcement). Also, once he entered any of our local county jails, he would then get charged with Introduction of Contraband into a County Facility. But what’s an additional ten (10) years in the Florida State Prison system (at that point)?

I would suggest an alternative approach: If you are being investigated for, or have already been charged with, a Drug Offense and/or a Drug Trafficking charge, contact an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney immediately.

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