TAMPA: Leader of Hudson Oxycodone Ring Gets 20 Years in Federal Prison

The “King of Hudson” has been dethroned.

A federal judge has sentenced Arde Olsen, also known as the “King of Hudson,” to 20 years in prison for Trafficking in Oxycodone.The U.S. Attorney’s Office said Olsen was the ringleader of a large oxycodone trafficking organization that he mainly operated from an auto repair shop at 11923 Pine Forest Drive in Hudson and a home on Denton Avenue.

Law enforcement targeted Olsen in a Federal drug operation called “Operation Oxy Express,” which led to the arrest of Olsen and 18 others. Each has pleaded guilty and been sentenced to Federal prison.

Olsen, 51, drew the harshest sentence this week among the defendants. The lowest sentence handed down by U.S. District Judge Virginia Covington was two years, which went to the youngest defendant, 19-year-old Amber Marie Morreale.

To read the plea agreement (courtesy of the TBO.com), please click here.

Prosecutors said the group obtained large amounts of oxycodone from various pharmacies across Tampa Bay through Doctor Shopping. Olsen paid individuals to visit doctor offices and obtain prescriptions for oxycodone.

According to a prior St. Pete Times article, here is a list of those indicted in “Operation Oxy Express:”

• Arde Olsen, 51, who also goes by Arne. Authorities say he was the ringleader.

• Shannon Star Olsen, 45, who married Arde in 2002.

• Arde’s son, Jason Michael Olsen, 24.

• William “Billy” Joseph Califano, 29.

• Earle Monroe Silcox, 30.

• Jessie Krumm, 21.

• Amber Marie Morreale, 19.

• Jerald “Popeye” John Gilio Jr., 33.

• Anthony “Ant” Robert Upton, 28.

• Donna “Fat Donna” Jean Bynum, 31.

• Debra A. Collins, 48.

• Dannie James Mariedth, 50.

• Sarah Lynn Maynard, 25, who also goes by Sara Widemann.

• Joshua “Josh” McTavish Brown, 24.

• Anthony “Tony” Keith Christian, 27.

• Billy Ray Hardin, 27.

• Soni Jo Cheesbrough, 27.

• Dennis “Ash” Ashley Miller, 35.

• Jereme Lee Gould, 24.

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