ST. PETERSBURG: Street Crimes Unit Seizes Nine (9) Pounds of Marijuana and Cash

According to, the St. Petersburg Police Department’s (SPPD) “Street Crimes Unit” seized 9.3 pounds of Marijuana from two (2) vehicles Wednesday afternoon.Police said they conducted two (2) traffic stops; one near 21st Avenue South and 16th Street in St. Petersburg and the other at 7348 U.S. Highway 19 North in Pinellas Park (its unclear why the SPPD was conducting a traffic stop in Pinellas Park).

Officers discovered nine (9) gallon-size zip lock bags in the two (2) vehicles containing about 9.3 pounds of marijuana. Apparently someone in this operation had a heavy hand and stuffed and extra 3/10 of a pound into the gallon-size bags.

Officers also found (and seized) $4,488 in cash (although I’m sure that money was legitimately earned during the suspects’ day jobs and will have to be returned to them).

Three (3) men, all from St. Petersburg, were arrested for Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute. They are: Floyd J. Green, 29; Gregory Thomas, 31; and Doniell Massey, 30.

No doubt, one (or more) of their attorneys will claim that the Marijuana was for “personal use.”

Thomas also faces charges of Driving with a Suspended License.

The obvious lesson to be learned here: If your license is suspended, do not drive with nine (9) pounds of marijuana in your car…..

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