ST. PETERSBURG: “Hiccup Girl” Denied Bond on Her First Degree Murder Charge

Two stories on today addressed the fate of Jennifer Mee, otherwise known around the world as the “Hiccup Girl.”

At her “First Appearance” or “Advisory Hearing” in Clearwater this afternoon, bond was been denied for Jennifer Mee and two (2) other men, who are facing First Degree Felony Murder charges in connection with a Robbery that left a 22-year-old St. Pete man dead.Mee first made news after a fight with the hiccups that lasted for six (6) weeks. During that time she was asked to leave school because she was considered a distraction to other students.

Doctors finally got the hiccups to stop.

According to the St. Petersburg Police Department (SPPD), Mee exchanged online messages and phone calls with Shannon Griffin in the week leading up to the homicide.

Investigators said Mee asked Griffin to come to a home in the 500 block of 7th Street North on Saturday. Mee met Griffin in front of the house, and then walked with him, where he was confronted by co-Defendants Laron Raiford, 20, and Lamont Newton, 22, police said.

Raiford and Newton attacked Griffin, robbing him then shooting him numerous times, police said.

Mee, along with Raiford and Newton are now in the Pinellas County Jail facing Felony First-Degree Murder charges.Mee has no prior criminal record, but could face LIFE in prison if found guilty of luring Griffin into the home so he could be robbed (under a theory known as “Felony Murder”).

Griffin was robbed of his wallet, a small amount of cash and keys. At some point, the set-up went wrong and Griffin was shot several times and killed.

St. Petersburg Police Department Major Michael Kovacsev said Mee and the other two (2) suspects admitted what happened.

“She was very emotional, I can say that,” Kovacsev said.

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