ST. PETERSBURG: DUI Charge For Lady Who Crashed Into Snell Island Home

A woman who drove her car into her neighbor’s house was charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) yesterday.

Gail Ann Kay, 54, was driving her 2008 Jeep SUV when she crashed through a house wall at 9:36 p.m. Wednesday, according to the St. Petersburg Police Department. She left a 4-foot square hole in the house at 134 Aranda Street N.E. Fortunately, no one was injured.Kay tried to drive away, but a witness saw her car and called the police (who pulled her over a short time later). To no one’s surprise, the front of her car appeared damaged (I’m guessing with a nice paint transfer off of the house that she drove into).

Kay refused a Breathalyzer test as well as standard “field-sobriety tests.” However, the St. Pete Police Department indicated in their report that she had “slurred speech, a blank expression, and bloodshot and watery eyes” (I feel like I’ve read that before…. oh yeah, that’s what every DUI police report says).

Kay is facing charges of Leaving the Scene of an Accident Involving Property Damage and Driving Under the Influence.
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3 responses to “ST. PETERSBURG: DUI Charge For Lady Who Crashed Into Snell Island Home”

  1. catherine Baggett says:

    This is justice for us parents that have endured the wrath of Dr.Kay and the mistakes that she has made to our children some have been lost due to her mistakes and some like my daughter will be disabled physically for the rest of their lives.She is not only been in trouble for this there are other things she has been in trouble for and she has many malpractice suits filed against her and this incident just helped ours even more. I would like to see her locked up and her license taken away not only her drivers license but her physcians license taken from her as well. I will make sure I see her in court to watch when she is locked up.

  2. This is only like a mile from my home.

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