ST. PETE: Woman Arrested for Domestic Battery by Beer?

Yes. You read correctly. She was charged with Domestic Battery by beer.

Melva Ann Wixon, 49, was arrested Tuesday night on a Domestic Battery charge after a wet incident at her apartment.

Here’s what the po-po have to say:

Wixon got home about 7:00 p.m. at an apartment she shares with her boyfriend, Eric Hartman. She had been drinking at a bar. He had been sleeping.

She was angry at him because he plans to move to Ohio. So she poured beer on him. This woke him up.

Displeased by her action, Hartman called the police.

Wixon was still at the Pinellas County Jail Wednesday morning awaiting her Advisory/ First Appearance before a Judge.Unfortunately, the brand of beer she wielded was not included in the incident report. Let’s only hope it wasn’t something good like Guinness or Newcastle!!

On a more serious note, if you’ve been arrested for a Domestic Violence charge in the Tampa Bay area, the repercussions can be pretty severe. To begin with, you will be held at “no bond” until you are able to appear before a Judge the next morning or afternoon. This will likely cause you to miss work and/or any other responsibilities that you may have.

Because these cases can often move quickly through the court process, having an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side is a must. In many cases, an experienced criminal defense attorney can appear on your behalf (at your First Appearance or Advisory Hearing) and request a reasonable bond or ROR (Release on your Own Recognizance). Sometimes, if the “victim” does not wish to prosecute or pursue criminal charges, paperwork can be filed with the State Attorney’s Office to try to get the charge(s) dismissed before they are even filed by the State Attorney’s Office. This can prevent you from having to return to Court to address the matter.

As with many other areas of the law, when it comes to Domestic Violence cases: Experience Counts!!

Criminal defense attorney Nicholas J. Dorsten, Esq. was a Domestic Violence prosecutor for the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney’s Office for several years. After spending many years “building” these types of cases and preparing them for Court and/or Trial, Dorsten knows what the State will be looking for on your case and can give you an honest and fair assessment of your current charge(s).

To speak directly with Domestic Violence defense attorney Nicholas J. Dorsten, Esq. please contact the Blake & Dorsten, P.A. at 727.286.6141. You can also reach Mr. Dorsten by email at:
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