SPRING HILL: Man Caught Stuffing Steaks and Vaseline in Shorts at Publix

According to an online story in today’s St. Pete Times, a Spring Hill man was arrested Saturday after workers at a grocery store reported seeing him stuff steaks down his shorts and leave the store.Mark Belkola, 51, was at the Publix at 4158 Mariner Boulevard when he was seen in the meat department shoving six (6) packs of steaks down his pants, then walking to the front of the store, according to a Hernando County Sheriff’s Office report.A store employee confronted Belkola after he left the store, but he ran to the parking lot and tried to get into his vehicle, the report states. A customer helped detain Belkola until authorities responded.

Belkola admitted to deputies that he had also taken a bottle of Vaseline and a bottle of pomegranate juice, both of which were found in his shorts. The total value of the merchandise was $75.66.

Belkola told deputies, “I’m starving, I’m starving, that is why I took the steaks,” the report states.He was arrested on a charge of Retail Theft.

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