PINELLAS PARK: Did Pam Bondi Throw out the Baby with the Bath Salts?

According to a recent story on, “bath salts” sold in specialty and tobacco shops are being pulled off the shelves after an emergency order was issued on Wednesday making the product illegal.

“Our kids can overdose on this,” Attorney General Pam Bondi said.Bondi compared the product to other illegal drugs.

“We want to have it made a Schedule I drug,” she said. “So to put it in perspective, that’s right up there with Cocaine and Heroin.”

However, Rockin Cards and Gifts owner Randy Heine said the government is being “hypocritical” and “overreacting.”

“Based on nothing, on hearsay,” he said. “When you read the Order it’s kids could, may, can…there’s no documented evidence of anybody dying from these products. She needs to prove it. She needs to lay her cards on the table and show us people who got sick and died off this.”

Health experts say a synthetic chemical chemical in the “bath salts” known as MDVP can cause reactions from rapid heart beats to psychotic behavior.Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen wrote a letter to the Attorney General’s office expressing his concern about the substance and problems it could cause during spring break.

The emergency order making substances containing MDVP illegal will last until the legislature is in session. Bondi hopes lawmakers will make the ban permanent.

Heine has cleared all of the “bath salts” off of his shelves.

“If you like the product or not, it doesn’t matter,” he said. “They’re taking away your personal freedoms.”

For more information on this topic, please check out this online story entitled: “More People Snorting ‘Bath Salts’ to Get Cocaine-Like High.”

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