PASCO COUNTY: Naked Man Arrested After Passing Out in Woman’s Home After Consuming Too Much ‘Four Loko’

According to a story in the St. Pete TimesBizarre Florida” online section, a Pasco woman arrived home at 1:00 a.m. Wednesday to find a strange man naked, bloody and passed out on her sofa.

Vickie Bankowski, 56, slipped outside with one of her dogs and called 911. A second dog is still missing.

Justin Barker, 21, of Hudson was arrested and charged with two (2) counts of Residential Burglary for entering two (2) different homes.Barker says he had consumed the caffeinated alcoholic drink “Four Loko.” Officers say he also smashed through the sliding glass door of a 70-year-old woman’s home.For another interesting story on the effects of “Four Loko,” please check out the Tampa Bay Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog‘s August 3, 2010 posting entitled: “ST. PETE: Malt Beverage, Four Loko, Under Radar After Recent Traffic Fatalities

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