NEW PORT RICHEY: Motorcycle Expert Helps Aquit Pasco County Biker of DUI

Three Pasco County deputies came to court in New Port Richey this week to testify that they each saw Robert Corbin, 55, fall off his Harley-Davidson motorcycle and flee the scene — leaving the motorcycle on its side, running, with the key still in the ignition.

That testimony, however, was contradicted by an expert witness during Corbin’s DUI trial. Ken Wood, a Harley-Davidson salesman, told the St. Pete Times on Friday that “if the bike leans over for more than 45 degrees for one second, it shuts off.” And just like that, after only a few minutes of deliberations Monday afternoon, a Pasco County jury found Corbin Not Guilty of Driving Under the Influence.

For the complete story, check out Saturday’s St. Pete Times article.

Apparently, none of the three Pasco County deputies were aware of the bike’s safety feature which Harley-Davidson made standard in 2003. The deputies also indicated that Corbin “had glassy eyes, slurred speach and reeked of alcohol.” Corbin also admitted to drinking beers and not having a valid license because it was suspended after a prior DUI.In fact, Corbin’s Florida driver’s license was revoked back in January for having four or more DUI’s.

This case presents an excellent example of how an experienced criminal defense attorney can pick apart the State’s case (even when the Defendant appears guilty). In fact, it took just one solid defense theory (about the bike’s safety mechanism) to defeat the whole case presented by the State. Like a house of cards, the State’s case came crashing down.

Because of the ever-increasing presence of victims’ rights groups like MADD, the DUI penalites in the State of Florida are always increasing. It is therefore more important than ever to have an experienced and aggressive DUI defense attorney by your side.

Attorney Nicholas J. Dorsten, Esq., of the Clearwater-based Blake & Dorsten, P.A., is a former DUI Prosecutor of the Year and DUI Manslaughter prosecutor. He previously taught at St. Pete College in both the Police and Corrections Academies. He was frequently asked by the St. Pete Police Department to help train their new recruits on the nuts-and-bolts of building a DUI case and testifying in Court.

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