NEW PORT RICHEY: 911 How May I Help You? Um, My Mother Took My Beer

Sometimes, in my never-ending quest for a good story to blog about, you run across something that is just too good to make up. Usually, these types of stories occur in Pasco County. This one (below) is no different. Enjoy, courtesy of today’s St. Pete Times.A New Port Richey man was arrested Friday by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office after deputies said he called 911 multiple times to complain about his mother.

Did she hit him?


Did she stab him?


Did she shoot him?


OK. I give up. What did she do?

She took his beer away.Charles Dennison, 32, who was “very intoxicated,” told a deputy who went to their home at 1739 Dennison Road, in New Port Richey, that he wanted his mother arrested for taking his beer (otherwise known as Petit Theft), according to a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.And If she wasn’t charged, he said, he would continue to call 911.

A deputy charged him with Making False 911 Calls and took him to the Pasco County Jail in Land O’Lakes, where he remained Monday morning. His Bond/Bail is a lowly $150.00.
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