NEBRASKA: Jury Finds Man Dressed as a Breathalyzer, for Halloween, Guilty of DUI

As many of our regular readers already know, attorney Nicholas J. Dorsten, of the Clearwater-based Blake & Dorsten, P.A., searches the web for interesting (and sometimes humorous) legal stories for his Tampa Bay Criminal Lawyer Attorney Blog. Well, every once in awhile, we hit the proverbial jackpot (this week, courtesy of the

This week, in Lancaster County, Nebraska, a Jury found a 19-year-old arrested for Driving Under the Influence (while wearing a Breathalyzer costume) guilty of DUI.

Matthew Nieveen, of Lincoln, gained notoriety in the days after Halloween when Lincoln Police Chief Tom Casady posted his booking photo on his blog. Nieveen had been at a Halloween party before being stopped by law enforcement.An officer stopped Nieveen’s pickup early November 1st near 37th Street and Huntington Avenue and said Nieveen had “watery eyes” and “slurred speech” and smelled like alcohol. Police also found a bottle of vodka, a half-full bottle of Mountain Dew and vodka, and several cans and bottles of beer in his truck.

The officer cited Nieveen and took him to Cornhusker Place, where, a police report says, his blood-alcohol content tested more than twice the legal limit of .08 percent. The legal limit for minors is zero.

Nieveen is set for Sentencing in February.

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