How Does Giants WR Plaxico Burress Get Two Years in Prison When Donte’ Stallworth Only Got 30 Days in Jail for DUI Manslaughter?

After posting a recent blog entry on NFL wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth’s 30 day jail sentence for the crime of DUI Manslaughter, I feel compelled to discuss the recent plea agreement that was entered into by New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress. Facing a likely 3 1/2 year prison sentence, Burress pled guilty to one count of attempted criminal possession of a weapon, a lesser charge than the one he was facing after accidentally shooting himself in the thigh while inside the Latin Quarter nightclub in Manhattan in late November 2008.The firearm which Burress was carrying was not registered in the State of New York, or the State of New Jersey (where Burress lives). Burress previously had a Carrying a Concealed Weapon permit in the State of Florida; however, that license expired in May of 2008.

Unlike the favorable treatment that was received by Donte’ Stallworth during his DUI Manslaughter case in Miami-Dade County (as previously discussed in this blog on August 4, 2009), Burress certainly was not given any special and/or favorable treatment by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. In fact, his high-profile attorney, Benjamin Brafman stated “If Plaxico Burress were not a high-profile individual, there never would be a case.” Brafman also stated that, “If he were just John Q Public, he would have walked out of the club and he never would have been arrested.”

When comparing the two cases, it is obvious that Stallworth and Burress were not treated equally. In fact, aside from the fact that both cases involved NFL-star wide receivers, the only commonality between the two cases is that they both prove (once again) just how easy it is to ruin a very successful career, in a matter of seconds, when alcohol is involved and poor choices are made. Attorney Brafman called the case “a perfect example of how bad judgment can have very serious consequences.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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