Florida Murderers Recaptured: Inside Job Part Two

In a previous blog entry we wrote about convicted murderers Joe Jenkins and Charles Walker, both of whom escaped from prison based on forged documents. Thanks to an exclusive update from Bay News 9, we have an update on both the escape and the forgerer…with a Pinellas County twist!

In front of a Senate panel, the head of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement testified about the recent escape from Franklin correctional institution of two murderers within weeks of each other. Instead of nail files or smuggled shovels, they escaped by forged documents fooling the prison and allowing the two men to walk out the door within a few weeks of each other.

Both men were quickly recaptured and the forgery ring began to unravel. Described by a spokesman as a “clever fraud ring among a group of inmates at Franklin CI”, the ringleader was discovered to be 48-year-old Nydeed Nashaddai of Pinellas County.

Nashaddai should have been a suspect from the start. He has an extensive criminal history in Pinellas on dozens of charges including burglary, uttering forged bills, escape, grand theft, and criminal use of personal ID among others. In 2009 he was sentenced to 20 years in prison and was in Franklin Correctional. He then escaped a few months later by forging court documents saying he was ordered released-in the same manner as he did years later for these two murder convicts!

The investigation revealed that the suspect used real court documents as templates for his forgeries. The one bright spot to come from this is now the prison system and the courts are working towards developing a new, more secure system to prevent incidents like this from happening in the future. The idea of the new security system will allow the clerk of court, judges, jails and prosecutors to be made aware of court orders that may be suspicious.

Meanwhile, the police are anticipating further arrests in connection to this prison escape. As for Nydeed Nashaddai, his forgery days should be over. It is anticipated that he will be charged with numerous additional offenses including facilitating an escape, forgery and aiding and abetting.

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