7 Ways To Prevent Car Theft

The holidays are fast approaching and with them comes an increase in car burglaries. A guest blogger was kind enough to give us tips in how to avoid being a crime statistic this season.

More than ever, car theft is becoming more and more prevalent. Many societies view cars as an indication of someone’s status. Because of this, cars are regarded as a luxurious commodity. Many dishonest people and organized crime rings make their living through stealing cars. However, there are simple tips that you can employ to lower the chances of your car being stolen. Here are a few of them:

Park In Well Lit Areas

Whenever you are out with your car, park in a well it area as much as possible. Furthermore, if you can park in an area with a lot of foot traffic, the odds of your car being broken into decrease dramatically. Stealing a car, depending on the skill of the thief, may involve tools and maneuvering. That is why thieves like dark and deserted places since they have a bigger window of opportunity when it comes to stealing your car.

Car Security

Whenever you can, purchase a security system for your car. You have already invested a lot of money purchasing a vehicle. The next logical step is to increase its security as much as you can. Car security systems come in a wide range of prices, features and uses. You will have no problem finding something that will be right for your budget and situation. An expensive and advanced car security system is able to monitor the position of your vehicle at all times through GPS.

Furthermore, once you report your vehicle as stolen, part of the security system is triggered and relays the position of the vehicle to the police immediately.

Secure Your Car Garage

Have a garage? Well then use it! It is always best that you have a closed garage for your vehicle. This can significantly lower the chances of a luxury car being stolen. If you do not have a closed garage, then you can install motion sensor lights in your house. Once you have properly installed these lights, they will automatically light up whenever it detects motion. These lights will lower the chances of your car being stolen.

Do Not Leave A Running Car

Never leave your car running even if you are only planning of leaving it for a short time. This is a perfect opportunity for car thieves since it will only take a couple of seconds for them to leave with your car. This usually happens in convenience stores, ATM’s and gasoline stations.

Do Not Leave Valuables

Leaving valuables in your car is a big no! This will only give additional reasons for a car thief to run off with your car. You will also be preventing your car being broken into, if not entirely stolen, by following this simple tip.

Make Sure You Locked The Doors

This tip might sound very obvious, but make sure that you double check that you have locked your car doors. Statistics have shown that a good number of cars being stolen are due to the car doors being unlocked.

Completely Shut The Windows

Some people have a bad habit of opening a few inches of their car windows. Do not do this; you are simply making the job of a car thief easier.

Author bio – Bradley Taylor is a freelance UK writer who writing about all aspects of the automotive industry. You can connect with Bradley on Twitter and Google+.

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