DESTIN: Textalyzer App Created to Cut Down on Drunk, Late-Night, Texting

After a few nights of regrets and “I wish I hadn’t sent that” thoughts, Samantha Deeter came up with the ultimate idea for an iPhone application: Textalyzer.

According to a recent online story at, Deeter created this new iPhone application to prevent her from sending drunk text messages (that she later regrets the next day).”This is to prevent people from doing the ultimate no-no,” said Deeter, a Destin resident.

“I was briefly single and would run around from time to time bar hopping after work and would always tell people, ‘I wish there was a Breathalyzer for phones.’ That’s when I got the idea.”

Deeter said she emailed a company that develops apps and an hour later was on the phone making the idea a reality. She said the company liked the idea so much they decided to partner with her.

Textalyzer starts by having the user make a “forbidden list,” which consists of phone contacts that are the likely targets of drunken texts. If a contact on the list is selected, the user has to go through a series of games to send a text.

If the user does not pass the four (4) games, the text doesn’t get sent. Twelve (12) hours later, the user will be asked if they still wish to send the message.The user can also leave reminders about why texting certain individuals is a bad idea.

The application went on sale Monday on iTunes. Deeter said if the 99-cent application does well with iPhone users, she will develop a program for the Droid.

“It was crazy when the app was complete, seeing all my ideas,” Deeter said. “So far, I haven’t gotten any negative feedback. People seem to like the app.”

For more information, go to, or go to or to learn more.

“If you’re single, drink and have an ex, (then) you need this app,” Deeter said.

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