Woman gets DUI because of vanilla extract?

From People magazine, a woman shows that driving under the influence arrests aren’t always because of beer, wine or spirits.

We had previously written about a man arrested for DUI who claimed he smelled of alcohol because of the beer-battered fish he consumed. Well in Wayne County, New York a woman has upped the stakes in DUI follies.

Police in upstate New York were called out to a Walmart onreports of erratic driving. Once there they found the driver, 46-year-old Carolyn Kesel in a stupor. After noticing signs of impairment and failing field-sobriety exercises, she was arrested for DUI.

At the police station, she blew and had a BAC of .26%, move then three times the legal limit! Even more shocking was the discovery that Carolyn became intoxicated by drinking two bottles of vanilla extract.

While vanilla extract, a common baking ingredient, often has alcohol added to it, this particular brand had an impressive 41 percent alcohol level- comparable to most hard liquors.

The lady was arrested and a check showed that she had at least one prior DUI. Because of her priors she was charged with a felony DUI.


It has been mentioned both on this blog and elsewhere many times before the facts about intoxication. It is no defense that this was not beer, wine or hard liquor. As she had intentionally drank the vanilla extract and she was found to be under the influence of alcohol while driving she was rightfully charged with a DUI. There has been DUI convictions for drinking mouthwash, rubbing alcohol, cooking wine and even nail polish remover.

Likewise, it is possible to receive a DUI for taking prescribed prescription drugs. Remember a doctor prescription does not relieve you of the responsibility to ensure that you are not intoxicated when you are driving a vehicle.

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