What You Should Know before Filing a Personal Injury Claim

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A guest blogger who gives useful tips in what to expect if you need to file a personal injury claim…

Going to court or being involved in a lawsuit is not the place most people want to find themselves, especially after they’ve been injured. However, if you’ve been injured on the job, involved in a car accident, or otherwise experienced bodily or emotional harm due to another person’s actions, you may be entitled to monetary damages through a personal injury claim, but before you file a claim there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

Time Limits

Often called the statute of limitations or periods of prescription every personal injury case has a time limit. If you don’t file by the deadline then you’ll miss your opportunity to seek compensation for damages. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you make sure you seek legal consul from a qualified litigation law firm immediately following any personal injury event. Florida has a four year statute of limitations claims on most injuries so make sure you consult with an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer soon after your injury.

Experience Matters

Like everything in life experience matters. To give your case the best chance of winning you’ll want to hire the most experienced attorney you can. Chances are good that if you’re going up against a corporation or a wealthy individual you’ll be facing an entire team of experienced lawyers. Take special consideration to hire an attorney with experience in the specific field of your case (traffic accident injuries, slip and fall claims, etc.).

No Up-Front Payments

It is common practice for personal injury lawyers to require payment only after a case has been successfully won. Typically this comes in the form of a standard fee plus a percentage of the financial compensation (33-40%).


The majority of personal injury lawsuits can take anywhere between 2 – 3 years or longer to complete so you need to be ready to commit a large portion of your time and life to winning your case. If you’re not ready to commit to the case, don’t file it until you are.

Hidden Secrets

The opposing side’s legal team will spy on you, it’s their job. They’ll be looking for any incriminating evidence that they can use against you to prove your claim is without merit, or wrong. Any hidden secrets you have whether personal or professional may be discovered and disclosed in the court of law. If you’re not willing to endure this, it may be in your best interest not file a claim.

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