“Weird Florida” strikes again…

From the Smoking Gun website, two quick police reports that help show how the term “Weird Florida” got its name…

Just last Friday an elderly Florida woman was charged with misdemeanor battery after spraying her mentally ill adult son with Febreze, a cleaning product.

Per the report the 69-year-old mother, Jenny Ellis, claimed she was frustrated with the state’s mental health system and wants her son gone. According to the police Ellis told them “Just take him out of here. Make him disappear, shoot him or something.”

After posting a bond, the suspect is due in court next month. She was lucky as she could have been charged with more serious offenses such as battery on a disabled person, aggravated assault or other charges. It sounds like she may need a mental health evaluation herself to make sure she can handle the stress of taking care of her son.

Not to be outdone, 45-year-old Desmond Brownlee was arrested and charged with domestic battery after choking his wife during an arguement over fried chicken! As most thing do, this fight started late night when the defendant began fighting with his wife of over three years? The reason for the fight? Per Desmond, he was angry that there was not enough chicken leftovers!

The victim claimed that she was pushed into the bedroom and repeatedly hit. Finally she said the suspect strangled her to the point that she was not able to breathe!

She eventually broke free and dialed 911. However when the police arrived, she had since changed her mind and no longer wanted to press charges. The report made sure to note that they had a child in common who was sleeping throughout the incident.

Noticing red marks on the victim’s face and neck, the defendant was arrested for domestic battery by strangulation (a felony) and tampering with a witness. He was taken to jail where he remained.

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