Tampa woman with three DUIs in three week avoids jail

From the Tampa Bay times website, a quick article that talks about how a woman got help and not jail for her third DUI in as many weeks…

The 18 year old woman was picked up for “driving under the influence” three times in 18 days! Kim McCarthy told the police she didn’t realize smoking marijuana and driving was against the law. The judge took mercy on Ms. McCarthy and allowed her to enter into a residential treatment program followed by community control and probation.

This appears to be a big break for the woman as she was facing multiple felonies and misdemeanors. At one point she was denied bail as the judge felt she could not control her addictions.

Ms. McCarthy received her learners permit in November, 2011. That means she was not supposed to drive without a licensed adult in the vehicle with her. She chose not to follow that rule. In February of this year, she was pulled over and found with multiple zanax pills, marijuana, and an open bottle of rum. This led to a possession of controlled substance charge and her first DUI.

A few days later, she received a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles saying her drivers license was suspended. Ms. McCarthy chose to continue driving and in March was arrested for her second DUI and possession of marijuana.She bonded out and the next day was back driving. She rear-ended a parked car. The victims thought she looked drunk and the police agreed with them. Kimberly was now charged with a felony DUI. During her arrest, the police also found marijuana, and pipes in her van.

While it sounds like the suspect got off easy, she still has to do jail time. The judge ordered Ms. McCarthy to remain in jail until bedspace became available at her drug treatment location. She must sucessfully complete treatment and that is followed by three years probation/community control, two of those years spent on an ankle monitor.

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