Suburban woman busted for large-scale marijuana growing operation

From a local CBS news affiliate, a suburban housewife is busted after police discover a large marijuana growing operation in her upscale suburban home…

The woman, Andrea Sanderlin, was charged with growing thousands of marijuana plants from her home. This was done, in part, to finance her lifestyle of vacations, fancy restaurants and expensive shopping sprees.

While a call to the suspects, drug defense lawyer went unreturned, the prosecutor is claiming that Ms. Sanderlin had an extremely sophisticated pot-growing operation near Queens, New York. She was arrested on Federal criminal charges in May, and she has been held without bail ever since.

Per the federal complaint, the 45-year-old mother of two would drive between her house and the grow house in an expensive sports car. Police found her in possession of over 3000 marijuana plants in her grow house.


Besides the possible Federal crimes that this charge may bring, the sheer amount of marijuana here would expose this woman to serious charges in Florida. Manufacture of marijuana is found under Florida Statute 893.13. This charge is a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years prison.

In addition, depending on the amount by weight of the 3000 marijuana plants, the woman could be charged with trafficking in marijuana. This would result in a more serious punishment, including more prison with mandatory “day for day”time and even large fines. The amount of prison and/or the fine would depend on the amount of drugs the defendant was found to have in her possession.

Finally, Florida has a provision under statute 932.701 known simply as the “Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act“. This would allow the police to seize the suspect’s money, car, personal items and even her fancy home (if it was not her primary residence) if law enforcement can show by a “preponderance of the evidence” that Ms. Sanderlin got these items through illicit means or with money made as a result of her drug sales. Very ironic that in Florida, this woman would probably lose all her possessions because she was selling drugs to maintain her lifestyle!

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