Pinellas Park drug sting nets seven arrests

From BayNews9, a local mobile home park was the scene of several arrests involving drugs.

After months of complaints about drug sales from local park residences, the Pinellas Park police department finally struck back. A monthlong police investigation netted seven arrests at Palm Village Mobile Home park on 66th street.

Among the multiple arrests were charges for outstanding warrants, sale of oxycodone and possession of marijuana among others.

Those arrested were six men, one woman, ranging in age from 28-46.


A possession of marijuana charge is a first-degree misdemeanor, found under Florida statute 893.13. It is punishable by up to one year in county jail and if one was to be convicted of the charge, the person loses their driver’s license for two years!

A sale of a controlled substance such as prescription pills obviously carries a much harsher sentence. While under the same statute, it is a second-degree felony, with an automatic ajudication of guilt and a maximum sentence of 15 years in state prison!

Depending on the defendant’s lifestyle, priors and the facts of the individual arrests, a defendant may be able to resolve his/her case with probation or even drug court.

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