Pasco man arrested for kidnapping his wife to dinner

Like a scene out of a bad Hollywood “dark” comedy, a Pasco man was arrested for domestic assault, aggravated assault and tampering with a witness for kidnapping his wife and forcing her to go to dinner with him. per the baynews9 online article, the wife was fortunate, as this could have turned deadly…

Pasco sheriff’s detectives say a 49 year-old man invited his estranged wife over to his house, hoping to reconcile and put aside their differences. At his place, when his wife admitted that she didn’t love him anymore, her day quickly took a turn for the worse…

The man committed a battery by punching her in the head. He then picked up a tampering with a victim charge by taking her car keys and her cell phone, leaving her unable to either leave or call for help. For this lady, her nightmare was just beginning.

Detectives claim that the husband then forced his wife to sit and watch television with him at knifepoint. He then decided to try and win her back by forcing her to accompany him to the famed gourmet restaurant the Golden Corral. After dinner, he continued this romantic “date” by forcing her to accompany him to Walmart where he purchased new shoes for himself.

After the dinner and shopping excursion, the man headed back to his house, forcing his soon to be ex-wife to come back with him. Once home, he continued to force her to watch more television with him.Around that time, the woman’s father came by the house. He was suspicious as the victim did not return any of her father’s calls the past several hours. The father managed to help his daughter get out of the house and into his car.

As they were driving away, the Defendant got a rifle, pointed it at the escaping vehicle and fired a shot into the air, thereby commiting an aggravated assault. This crime, normally a third degree felony with no mandatory prison, may have a three year minimum/mandatory prison sentence attached. This would occur only if the suspect pointed the firearm directly at the wife or her father.

As of this publication, the wife is safe and resting while the Defendant is still in the Pasco County jail…

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