Online’s Biggest Drug Dealer Arrested in Florida

A brief blurb from CBS news about a modern day “Scarface” who had a drug empire online and how it unraveled…

Cornelis Jan “SuperTrips” Slomp, a 23-year-old Dutchman, almost had it all. Great wealth, easy job and travels around the world. Then came his arrest in Miami, Florida. Young and tattooed, Slomp had rented a Lamborghini and was ready to explore South Beach’s party scene when he was arrested by the feds at Miami International Airport last year.

Now the one-time world’s biggest online drug dealer just pled guilty to Federal drug charges in Chicago- a plea that may see him serve up to 15 years in prison. In making his “guilty” plea, Cornelis admitted that he was the main drug trafficker on the underground website “Silkroad”. Speaking perfect english, the defendant pled “guilty” and agreed to cooperate with the prosecutors as part of his plea. It was a long fall for the college educated former software engineer.

With a business sense older then his 23 years, the defendant earned more than three million dollars in bitcoins by selling a variety of drugs such as cocaine, LSD and MDMA.

An assistant U.S. Attorney on Thursday called Slomp’s conviction the largest yet in the feds battle against Silk Road traders.

“Mr. Slomp was the world’s largest drug dealer on Silk Road,” he told the presiding U.S. District Judge.

Using the online moniker “SuperTrips” Cornelis admitted to shipping 4 kilos of cocaine, 566,000 ecstasy pills and over 100 kilos of MDMA among other drugs through the mail. Using a computer and his smartphone, he would take orders online, receive payments in “bitcoins” and then mail back the drugs to throngs of customers throughout the world.

Much like the character Walt from “Breaking Bad”, the Dutchman became known for a distinguished mark on his ecstasy pills…a green question mark. On Silk Road, where anonymous traders sold illegal drugs and other illicit products, he quickly became the main dealer. At the time of his arrest, there were rumors that he was selling his U.S. drug business to a fellow “Silk Roader” man online.
As per his agreement with the feds, the defendant has already started to cooperate. He has surrendered over $3 million in bitcoins as well as promised to cooperate in the prosecution of fellow drug dealers.

As of October, 2013 Silk Road has been shut down followed the arrest in San Francisco of its alleged founder Ross William Ulbricht — who allegedly went by “Dread Pirate Roberts”. Roberts is accused in a New York federal court case of drug trafficking, soliciting murder, facilitating computer hacking and money laundering among other charges.

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