New DUI Joint Police Effort Launched in Florida this Weekend, 3/13-3/15 2020

From Florida Daily:

This weekend is a big one for Saint Petersburg with the St. Pete Grand Prix and St. Patrick’s Day coming up.  Per the Florida Daily though, local residents need to be aware of a law enforcement operation set to coincide with all these fun activities…


On Wednesday, the Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA)Florida Police Chiefs Association, and the Florida Highway Patrol announced the launch of Operation Dry Streets, a joint statewide initiative that focuses on keeping the roads safe for citizens and visitors across Florida.

The operation targets those who drive impaired and otherwise jeopardize public safety by disobeying the traffic laws in Florida. This involves a three-day operation in all 67 Florida counties that includes identifying traffic violators and visible signs of impairment, enhancing overall safety, raising community awareness, and more.

“As a highly desirable tourist destination, and in addition to our 22 million permanent residents, Florida enjoys a substantial influx of visitors each year. This means more vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians traveling on our roadways, in our communities, and on our beaches,” said FSA President and Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. “The Florida Sheriffs Association, Florida Police Chiefs Association and Florida Highway Patrol are launching Operation Dry Streets to target anyone who drives impaired and jeopardizes public safety. If you drive on Florida’s roads do so responsibly because law enforcement will be watching. Don’t end up a statistic during this coordinated statewide operation.”

These statistics will be captured:

  • Warnings issued
  • Uniform traffic citations issued
  • DUI arrests
  • Driving While License Suspended or Revoked or no DL arrests/criminal citations
  • Misdemeanor Drug and other arrests
  • Felony Drug and other arrests
  • Hours dedicated during this enforcement period
  • Social media, sign messages, and related communications developed and distributed to citizens
  • Citizen education efforts conducted through this operation

Enforcement operations will commence on March 13 and continue through March 15 with a goal of creating a safe environment to protect citizens and visitors with a statewide presence, enforcement, and education efforts.

“The Florida Police Chiefs Association (FPCA) is proud to partner with the Florida Sheriffs Association and the Florida Highway Patrol on Operation Dry Streets,” said FPCA President Kenneth Albano, the chief of the Temple Terrace Police Department. “The number one priority for the Police Chiefs in the state of Florida is to create a safe environment for our citizens and visitors, and Operation Dry Streets will help us in our efforts. Each year, far too many Floridians and visitors to our state are killed or injured from drunk drivers. By partnering together on Operation Dry Streets, we will certainly save lives. We remind you to never drink and drive and stay vigilant of those around you that may be driving impaired.”

“I would like to thank Sheriff Gualtieri and Chief Albano for coordinating this very important traffic safety initiative. The Florida Highway Patrol is dedicated to traffic safety, and we will be out in full force working alongside our sheriffs’ offices and police departments during Operation Dry Streets to ensure our residents and visitors are safe on our highways,” said Colonel Gene Spaulding, the director of the Florida Highway Patrol. “During this three-day enforcement detail, deputy sheriffs, city police officers, and state troopers will be working together to educate the public on the dangers of impaired driving, while aggressively targeting those individuals who choose to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Our goal is to ensure the residents and visitors of our state Arrive Alive.”

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