Nebbia Holds: Part 4 of 4

What Are Some Common Reasons To Approve Or Deny A Nebbia Hold In Florida?

Nebbia Hold would stay in place if there is no proof of any legitimate sources of income. If a family or friend or a client cannot come up with financial records to prove that they have a legitimate source of income that is going to be very difficult to overcome the burden. If they have not had a job in years, they do not own any property, have any retirement savings, they do not own a vehicle or have any assets, it is going to be hard for them to prove that the money that they now came up with for bond, is from a legitimate source. Oftentimes, if you have the proof and it is sufficient that that is what it takes to accomplish lifting a Nebbia Hold.  But if you do not, it is going to be very difficult because the judge is going to assume that if you do not have any assets. For example, the judge may consider  how did you come up with $100,000 for bail?

Is A Nebbia Hearing A One Shot deal Or Can It Be Appealed?

Oftentimes, it is a one shot deal because time is of the essence and the client is sitting in jail. You want to get all the records together and you want to get it accomplished on the first try. If you do not, you can generally get it continued and come back with more financial records. At that time, the client is still sitting in jail.

Time is of the essence, the client is sitting in jail, the client wants to get out obviously and that is going to help with the preparation of the defense. It is not necessarily if you do not succeed the first time that you cannot try again. You can certainly get more proof from more records but it is usually better to do it as quickly as possible so the client spends less time in custody.

Additional Information Regarding Nebbia Holds In Florida

It is just important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Rex Blake has an MBA and has the experience, knowledge and background to handle these types of cases and handle these types of financial and big drug trafficking cases.  It is important to call right away, to get all the documents ready so we are prepared on the very first hearing and we can get it lifted and get the client bonded out.

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