Nebbia Holds: Part 3 of 4

How Long Does It Usually Take To Get A Decision?

Generally it happens right away. Once the court reviews the documents, generally a decision is made on the spot as to whether the financial records are legitimate or not. Oftentimes, the court may require additional proof and then usually an experienced criminal defense attorney like Blake & Dorsten will get a quick reset. Obviously time is of the essence because the client is in jail and  unable to bond out so we generally like to get a reset within a few days, oftentimes less than a week. Once the hold is removed  the client can bond out right away, usually within a few hours.

Can Someone Handle A Nebbia Hold By Themselves In Court?

While it is possible, we personally have never seen nor heard of someone try to get through a Nebbia Hold without an attorney. Generally, these cases are complex so they are pretty high dollar amounts. Doing it without an attorney and not knowing exactly how to go through the financial statements and the different documents would be difficult.  Rex Blake, shareholder at Blake & Dorsten, P.A.  has an MBA, a Masters in Business Administration, so he is well versed in these types of cases as well as bigger fraud type cases. I have the background and experience to look at the financial statements and records, deal with the prosecutor and also portray it to the judge where the results are generally in our favor to get the Nebbia Hold lifted.

Oftentimes, clients do not realize that there is a Nebbia Hold attached and they often try to bond out and it is denied.  It is important to call an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately so that they can expedite the process in order to get a hearing as soon as possible and get the financial records in place so one can have the Nebbia Hearing and ultimately lift the Nebbia Hold.  The sooner you can contact an attorney the sooner that you can get out of jail or get out of a custody and get bonded out.

Does A Nebbia Hold Affect The Criminal Part Of A Case?

It really does not affect the criminal part of the case. It is really limited in scope to the bond at the time and whether the source of the funds is legitimate. You also have to remember sometimes or oftentimes, it is not the client actually bonding him or herself out, but it is a family member, a friend or an associate and so it really has nothing to do with them at the time that it might just be their friend’s assets and financial records that prove they are legitimate to bond someone out. Remember that anyone can bond anyone else out, so it may have absolutely nothing to do with the case and it may have everything to do with, for example, their parents’ financial records if they are looking to bond their son out.


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