Mob-like lawyer sentenced to life in prison

“Celebrity” lawyer Paul Bergin was sentenced to life in prison today, charged with a variety of federal crimes

The former federal prosecutor and army officer was living the high life. One of the most famous criminal defense lawyers in the state, Bergin had a long list of celebrity clients he represented including Lil’ Kim, Queen Latifa and 90’s sensation Naughty By Nature. It appears it wasn’t his taste for celebrities that got him, rather his shocking mob-like criminal nature.

In summer 2009, Bergin and multiple associates were accused with running his law office like a mob front. He was charged with multiple federal counts including drug trafficking, the murder of a key federal prosecution witness, money laundering and even promoting prostitution.

His first trial ended up in in a hung jury a few years ago. This past March his second trial did not go as well. Representing himself and bellowing that he was the victim of corrupt prosecutors got him nowhere this time. He was found guilty on 23 counts. On a few of the charges including aiding the murder of a witness and conspiracy, there is a mandatory life sentence. The federal judicial system does not allow parole or time off for good behavior.

The eight week trial resulted in a surprisingly fast jury verdict. They deliberated less then two days to find him guilty.

In the most serious counts, Bergin was convicted of masterminding the execution-style killing of a FBI informant who was set to testify against one of Paul bergin’s clients. The gunman was caught and testified at trial that the crooked lawyer met with him and his gang in an alley. Bergin lectured the gang, letting them know that their fellow gangmember would spend the rest of his life in prison if he was found guilty. Paul then looked the shooter in the eye and told him “No (witness), no case”!


• Racketeering
• Racketeering Conspiracy
• Violent Crime in Aid of Racketeering (2)

• Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Dangerous Substance
• Maintaining Drug-Involved Premises (3)

• Conspiracy to Murder a Witness
• Aiding and Abetting the Murder of a Federal Witness
• Conspiracy to Travel in Aid of Prostitution Business
• Travel in Aid of Prostitution Business (2)

• Conspiracy to Travel in Aid of Drug Trafficking Business and Bribery
• Travel in Aid of Drug Trafficking Business and Bribery (2)

• Conspiracy to Travel in Aid of Drug Trafficking Business
• Travel in Aid of Drug Trafficking Business (5)

• Failure to file an IRS Form
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