Maybe he’s crazy? Singer Cee Lo Green accused of sexual assault

Singer and “The Voice” judge Cee Lo Green has been accused of sexual assault according to TMZ.

An unamed source claims that the woman, who has been dating Cee Lo Green (real name Thomas DeCarlo Callaway) has filed a complaint with the Los Angeles police department. The LAPD has taken the allegations seriously, going to a downtown L.A. restaurant where the crime allegedly occured and interviewing several of the wait staff.

The singer has denied the allegations, calining he has not been to the restaurant in months and nothing tokk place “there or anywhere else”.

This sexual assault allegation brings up a lot of interesting questions such as was it late reported? Was the accused an ex-girlfriend of Cee Lo? Will she still want to press charges weeks or months from now?We ask these questions because as Clearwater criminal defense lawyers we often deal in cases with similar situations. When one is a suspect in a sexual assault or domestic violence case, it becomes vital to have experienced defense counsel. Many cases such as these are not reported for weeks or months after the supposed incident. Sometimes there are valid reasons for that. Other times, the fact that it was late reported tends to show the prosecuting authority that the allegations did not happen or cannot be proved.

Another reason these questions are important is because experience shows that many victim cases (such as domestic violence or battery cases) tend to fall apart after a few months. The victim many times changes his or her mind abot what happened or no longer wishes to cooperate with the state (who files the charges). Without victim cooperation, the state attorney often has a difficult time proceeding forward with the case.

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