Man Drives 6 Miles With Wife on Roof

Another hat tip to the Smoking Gun website who found this arrest report of a man who took his wife on the trip of her lifetime…

69-year-old Richard Addy and his wife Elizabeth were both allegedly intoxicated when they began to argue early Tuesday Morning.  Richard told police he decided to leave the house and cool off.  His 50-year-old bride had other plans.

Elizabeth jumped on the roof of their 2011 Toyota when Richard took off.  He was stopped by Stuart police six miles away.  He told the arresting officer that he drove off not knowing his wife was on the hood!  He first became aware of her when, while at a light, she started banging on his roof!

He chose not to stop as he had no cell phone so he kept driving.  He drove a total of six miles before being stopped by the police.  During his drive, he claimed he drove by a closed government building in the hope that their would be help.

The Stuart police department was not amused.  His wife was not charged with disorderly conduct.  Richard was not arrested for a DUI despite erratic driving and the odor of alcohol on his breath.  Rather he was arrested for reckless driving and a traffic citation.  He pled not guilty at his first appearance.

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