Lakeland Man Arrested For Child Porn and Lewd Conduct at Library

In another “what’s-wrong-with-the-Tampa-Bay-area” story, a 59 year old Lakeland man was arrested for Lewd Conduct after employees at the Lakeland Public Library reported that a man was acting suspiciously. The police were called out to the library and found Johnney Keen sitting at a table in the libary. A few moments later, officers observed Keen, who was holding a book as a distraction while watching young girls at the library, begin to put his hand inside his shorts and fondle himself.For the complete story, please read the original Bay News 9 story.

Police then requested permission from Keen to search his home. Note to all current and future clients: DO NOT GIVE LAW ENFORCEMENT CONSENT TO SEARCH YOUR HOME WITHOUT SPEAKING WITH AN EXPERIENCED CRIMINAL ATTORNEY.

Affer conducting their search of Keen’s home and his personal computer, the Lakeland Police Department arrested Keen again and charged him with forty (40) counts of Possession of Child Pornography (otherwise known as “Sexual Performance by a Child“).

If you’ve been accused of, or arrested for, a Child Abuse and/or Child Sex crime, you need to contact an experienced and aggressive sex crimes attorney immediately.

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