Florida woman steals police car after DUI arrest

From the Northwest Florida Daily News, a Florida woman’s night goes from bad to worse after her DUI arrest

24 year-old Sara Kirksey was pulled over for a traffic infraction (running a red light and then turning right on a no turn section) in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. She was pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy at 7:30 p.m. After noticing several signs of impairment he requested that she perform field sobriety exercises. She performed many of the standard tests (such as walk and turn and walking a straight line test) and the deputy determined that she was impaired. Ms. Kirksey was arrested for driving under the influence. After her arrest she proceeded to make things even worse for herself.

Per the sheriff’s office report, the suspect managed to slip out of her handcuffs and slide open the divider window in the sheriff’s car. The now defendant jumped in the front seat and put the vehicle in drive! Before she escaped however, the deputy managed to slam on the brake. As if a grand theft motor vehicle charge wasn’t bad enough, the wanna be escape artist then began to punch the deputy in the face and chest, earning her another charge, battery of a law enforcement officer (with a potential minimum/mandatory sentence)!

The result of this alcohol-fused crime spree resulted in a multitude of charges. As of the time of this writing the state attorney was still determining what charges to file against her. The sheriff’s office arrested her and charged her with DUI, battery of a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct and false identification to a law enforcement officer. The defendant’s DUI defense attorney was unknown as of the date of the article.LEGAL ANALYSIS

The “batt leo” is a third degree felony, punishable by up to five years in jail assuming the charges are not upgraded to an aggravated battery. The disorderly conduct and false information are both misdemeanor charges.

Assuming that this is a first time DUI for the defendant and that she either refused breath or was below a .15, she is facing large fines (up to $1,000), up to 12 months probation, up to six months in jail, up to six months to a year of her driver’s license being revoked as well as a car impound. Finally there are a multitude of other conditions she may have to do. For instance, in Pinellas county the first time defendant would also have to do 50 hours of community service, an alcohol evaluation and treatment, pay investigative cost and would not be allowed to be in bars or clubs nor drink alcohol while on probation.

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