Florida man accused of “indecent act” with a door

From the “only in Florida” files, a Lake Worth man was arrested after witnesses saw him “doing it and doing it and doing it well” with a local businesses’ door.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Anthony Berry is charged with indecent exposure and performing a sexual act with a door. Per an article from the sun sentinel, a nearby employee caught the suspect dropping his pants and humping the business door Monday afternoon. The shocked worker reacted to Mr. Berry whipping out his package by whipping out her IPhone, calling the police and recording the passionate door mounting.

The unidentified worker saw 57-year-old Anthony Berry walk to the rear of the business. The suspect then tried to open the locked door and was noticed by the employee. The man then proceeded to expose himself to the woman.

It was at this time that the employee called police and recorded the defendant “humping the door”. Mr. Berry then walked away to a nearby bus station.

That is where police both found and confronted Anthony Berry. Per the police report when asked if he made love to the door, the defendant smiled and said “Yes, I have a mental problem”!

A quick look at the suspect’s criminal history shows that since 1979 he has been arrested at least 32 prior times including at least two previous indecent exposure charges as well as sexual battery, possession of cocaine, and trespassing.

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