Florida “Breaking Bad” winner arrested on drug manufacturing charges

From the TBO online, a case of life imitating art…

28-year-old Ryan Carroll was arrested after a Tuesday morning raid by local police in Fort Myers, Florida. After a tip from a package delivery service, police obtained a search warrant for his home and two others. After the raid, the suspect was arrested for possession of synthetic narcotics, resisting arrest without violence and operating a drug house, among other charges.

In Florida, not altogether that unusual. What makes this story interesting is that Ryan Carroll was a self-proclaimed “biggest fan” of the beloved AMC television series “Breaking Bad”. The show, about an ill high school teacher who turns to trafficking in meth to support his family, was a critical and commercial hit.

Ironically the defendant won a national contest to see the series finale alongside the cast. He also won an autographed “haz-mat” suit similar to the one worn by the lead actor. The police confiscated that in the raid along with drug manufacturing supplies.

During an interview after he won the contest, the jubliant Carroll told a local news station “”It’s just so addicting, it’s such a good show. I think it’s addicting because people can relate to the main character.”

It appears that this was not all the suspect could relate to the main character for. Perhaps inspired from the show, the defendant appears to have started a drug manufacturing business himself. Police confiscated over one million dollars worth of illegal drugs. A total of three houses were raided, each house having a specific link in the drug trade. One house was used for manufacturing, one house for storing the marijuana and the last house was used for shipping the drug throughout the United States and Mexico.

Mr. Carroll was considered the ringleader of the group. Using a cement mixer to concoct his product, he managed to build a rather large manufacturing base of operations.. Some neighbors expressed shock that drug trafficking could occur in their nice neighborhood. Other neighbors, when interviewed mentioned suspicious activities like constant UPS pick up and delivery as well as expensive cars coming to the defendant’s house at all hours of the day and night.

As of the time of this writing, Carroll and company are still in the county jail. His Florida drug defense lawyer was not available to comment.

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