Ex-NFL player arrested for “extreme DUI”

While you don’t often think of TMZ as a sports news source, they brought attention to a former player and his “extreme arrest”.

Ex-Michigan star and high first round draft pick Braylon Edwards was arrested and charged with an “extreme DUI” in Arizona. The third overall draft pick in the 2005 NFL draft was always deemed a “disappointment” and never played up to his ability. He was last on a NFL team three years ago.

The ex-Browns, 49ers and Jets player was arrested for a “extreme DUI”. This means that his Blood Alcohol content was above a .20.

This was not Braylon’s first brush with the law. In 2010, he was arrested for another driving under the influence charge and the team was under pressure to suspend him for the upcoming Dolphins game. He instead sat on the bench for the first quarter, causing a large public outcry.

For his career, Braylon has 40 touchdown passes and over 5500 receving yards over an eight year career.


If this had taken place in Florida, there would have been no “extreme DUI”. In our state, there is an enhanced blow of .15, much lower then Arizona’s “extreme 2.0”. In addition, if this had been a second DUI with in five years, he would almost certainly be looking at jail time as well as a mandatory ignition interlock for 24 months.

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