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Other Questions Asked In Driving While License Suspended Cases


How Can Someone Verify Their License Has Been Suspended Or Reinstated?

If you check online with the DMV and you type in your driver’s license number, there are links from the DMV website that will tell you if your license is suspended or revoked.

Oftentimes, when you visit an attorney for a consultation, they’re going to want to know what your driver’s license number is and they’re going to check on that. They also go straight to the DMV itself and the DMV is located directly across the street from the office of Blake & Dorsten P.A.

If you are having a problem accessing your driving information, call us.  We can literally walk over to the DMV and talk to the people at DMV and get right to the source to find out what they can do to get your license back for you and to fix the problem that has occurred.

How Is A Ticket For Suspended License Different Or Similar To A Ticket For Anything Else?

It’s much different than a ticket that you get for speeding or running a stop sign or not having a seatbelt because it’s a criminal charge. A lot of times, people get in those to appear in court, it looks very similar to a traffic ticket. They may not take it as seriously as other charges where they’re physically arrested but it carries the same consequences.

If people don’t hire an attorney and they get the ticket and they go to court, the judge might give them an offer and they may accept the offer to pay the fine that has to be paid, but then they don’t understand what just happened legally to the consequences of their action because they have just pled to a crime, so they are a convicted criminal.

So any future job application, if it reads, “Have you ever been convicted of a crime,” you have to answer yes to that. Not only do they fail to understand the potential ramifications of playing in that court, but they don’t understand the future consequences. If your license were to get suspended again, you were to get pulled over, then ticket is enhanced. So instead of potentially being a second degree misdemeanor, it could now be a first degree misdemeanor and instead of being a first degree misdemeanor, it could be a felony.

It can’t be emphasized enough that it’s important to talk to an attorney and to realize that this isn’t just a traffic ticket like the one you’ll get for speeding. This carries severe consequences, a jail time and more importantly, from the most people who get these types of charges are people with a car that have jobs in a competitive job market. They’d have to put on their application that yes, they are a convicted criminal and certainly that could cost them a job in the future.

How Are Penalties Enhanced For A Repeat Violation Of Driving On The Suspended License?

That’s exactly why it’s so important to litigate it because if it is your third DWLSR violation, it can be a felony; if it’s your second violation, it’s a first degree misdemeanor etc. Each subsequent violation enhances your penalties and so you could take it from a simple ticket all the way up to a third degree felony punishable up to 5 years.

That’s why it’s important to take these charges seriously, to talk to an attorney and talk to attorneys at Blake & Dorsten to really get a handle on these cases. They take care of the problem and you don’t find yourself in a situation all of a sudden where you have permanently lost your license to drive.  Many times if you try to handle these charges without the help of legal counsel because of enhancement, you soon may be unknowingly facing a more severe misdemeanor or even a third degree felony charge!

Steps To Take When Someone Has Been Charged With Driving On A Suspended License

The best step would be to come in and talk to the attorneys at Blake & Dorsten. The attorneys will investigate the license suspension, they’re going to find out why it was suspended, they’re going to talk to the DMV about how they’re going to get their license back and what steps that’s going to take.

When they’re going to represent you in court, they’re going to be able to talk to the prosecutor and they’re going to be able to handle your case from the beginning to the end. They’re going to advise you on what the possible consequences of that DWLSR are and most importantly, how it can be fixed.

So it’s really important on these driving charges and the DWLSR to get your license back now so that you are not facing more severe problems in the future. Oftentimes, a minor problem that people dismiss turns into a situation where they’re facing a year in the county jail or 5 years in prison all because there are some driving related incidences that get enhanced.


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