DWLSR in Florida

Consequences Of Driving With A Suspended License In Florida

If A License Is Suspended For Non-Criminal Matters Such As Failing To Pay Child Support, Can The Fines And Court Costs Be Avoided?

That’s the tricky thing about these traffic crimes and DWLSR.

As explained earlier, there are many different reasons that your license can be suspended. It could be failure to pay child support or failure to pay fines and oftentimes people move residences, they don’t get notice of a potential bill that they would have to pay or they’re missing alimony payment and it suspends their license.

Depending on the situation, if you knew your license is suspended, that is a crime and as a result, there is a real chance of serious jail time, probation and/or large fines. So it’s very, very important that you do pay attention.

Hiring an experienced attorney can help your case. The office of Blake & Dorsten P.A. deal with these types of cases often. They know the people inside the DMV and they often deal with the head supervisor of the DMV and are able to get a good idea of why somebody’s license got suspended and are often able to correct it.

Oftentimes, the law office of Blake & Dorsten P.A. will get the license back for their clients. Not only do they take care of the situation that’s pending, but they also make sure you don’t come back with problems with your license in the future. By hiring Blake & Dorsten P.A., the ultimate goal is to get your license back and a lot of times, they can keep you out of jail obviously and oftentimes, significantly reduce the fines that you might be looking at in court.

Circumstances Where Someone Could Possibly Have Their License Revoked Indefinitely

Generally, to get your license revoked indefinitely is a situation where you have multiple DUIs. Usually, the DMV determines that. In most cases, it takes your fourth DUI or more, so if you’re driving and you’re on your 4 or more DUIs and you’re convicted of that DUI, the DMV finds that that is your 4th DUI, they will often take your license indefinitely, and that means forever.

It’s generally a pretty severe punishment but it absolutely happens. And even in those cases when it’s taken indefinitely, there are ways in which your attorney can work with the DMV, even under pretty much strict supervision from the DMV, make it so you can drive again under what’s called Business Purposes only, and that’s to drive to work, school, church.

A lot of times, even though your license has been suspended indefinitely, an experienced attorney is able to get you a license in which you could drive for reasons for necessity. So it’s important to talk to an attorney and hire an experienced attorney so they can evaluate why your case is suspended and work with the DMV to get you driving for the reasons that you need to be driving for.

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