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How Often Do Domestic Violence Cases In Florida Involve Alcohol and Drugs?


How Often Are Domestic Violence Cases Related To Alcohol And Drugs?

Oftentimes when a situation turns physical, it’s because the emotions are running hot and alcohol and potential drugs act as fuel to the fire of those emotions.  Drug or alcohol-related domestic violence cases are common because drugs and alcohol tends to exaggerate a situation that may already be a little bit emotional.

In these cases, the lawyers at Blake & Dorsten, P.A.  may get their client evaluated for drugs or alcohol treatment if necessary . If alcohol or a controlled substance is a major factor for the incident, showing the prosecution that the client has been evaluated and treated for any issues can be helpful in resolving your case.

When Alcohol Or Drugs Are Involved, Will That Make The Case Easier Or Harder To Defend?

It’s not necessarily easier or harder; it’s just using different tools to handle each unique situation. So, if alcohol and/or drugs were the root, the root of the problem needs to be identified. Once the situation is corrected, that can be used as a tool in negotiating with the prosecution to let them know the reason for the criminal allegation and take steps to solve it.  A lot of times, that is very effective in getting the best possible outcome because the prosecutor is concerned not only with this incident but any future incidences that may occur.

So, if a suspect can be put in either alcohol or drug treatment or counseling right from the beginning of the case, that shows the prosecution that, “Hey, we’ve identified the problem and addressing it.” Using this technique, lawyers at Blake & Dorsten P.A. can often get excellent results for their clients.

If There Were Drugs Or Alcohol Involved, Can The Person Get Assessed Into Treatment? What Happens If They Get Voluntary Counseling Or Anger Management When Facing A Domestic Violence Charge?

That’s a huge advantage of hiring an attorney. The offices of Blake & Dorsten P.A. have a network of both alcohol and drug counselors as well as anger management counselors. If there is an issue with controlling the anger of a client, then that can be evaluated and addressed. It’s about identifying the root of the issue, getting it addressed, getting counseling, and a lot of times, that goes a long way.

Your criminal defense lawyers know that often defendants just had a bad day or was part of a bad situation.  If we can get to the root of the issue, whether it be anger, whether it be alcohol, whether it be drugs, we can get that evaluated and we can get that problem solved. That goes a long way to say to the prosecutors, “Hey, jail isn’t necessarily a requirement in this case and probation might be more appropriate or treatment might be appropriate”.

Is Counseling Recommended For Someone Who Intends To Claim Innocence In Such Cases Or Would You Have Them Steer Away From That? How Does That Play Out In Front Of A Judge If You Have Someone Who Isn’t Going To Plead Guilty Or Plea?

Each case is very different and each case presents a unique set of facts. However, most judges like the fact that the person has taken the initiative to get treatment or to get counsel. But does it show admission of guilt? Not necessarily.

It is no secret to the judge or to the prosecutor if drugs or alcohol were involved.  It often says right on the arrest report. Moreover, it isn’t viewed as an admission if they go ahead and enter alcohol or substance abuse treatment.  In fact it actually is looked upon favorably by the courts- it looks like the defendant is taking a proactive stance to the issue and they’re taking responsibility for the situation.

However, they are not admitting criminal liability, they’re taking an active role and responsibility for what had occurred. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that a crime occurred but a bad situation occurred where maybe the police were called.

These classes are identifying the root of the problem and can be an effective tool. That’s why it’s also important to get in touch with your attorney right away.  Our defense attorneys can help you register with the classes and get started. By the time it first goes with the prosecution, that evaluation and potential treatment, if required, can be completed, and so you’re just way ahead of the 8-ball as the case progresses.


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