Different Types of License Suspensions In Florida

Different Types of License Suspensions In Florida

There are different types of license suspensions in Florida. There are different terms for everything but at the end of the day, the end-result is the same. Your license is suspended.

There is a driver’s license revocation, which is just termination of your privilege to drive, meaning just the license is revoked. There is a driver’s license suspension, called the withdrawal of driving privileges. There is also an administrative suspension, which is the actual department itself, the DMV withdrawing your abilities to drive, and there is also a cancellation which is just delaying a driving privilege.

There are different types but realistically, all comes down to your licenses being suspended. It means there are different ways of getting your license back depending if it’s revoked, suspended, or it’s cancelled.

D6 License Suspension

A D6 license suspension is basically the state of Florida suspending your privilege to drive. The most common reason for the D6 is usually just a failure to pay a traffic ticket.

Other reasons: if someone was convicted of a drug charge or if one failed to do the mandatory alcohol evaluation treatment for a DUI this results in their license being suspended. The only way they can get it back is by either paying that ticket, or doing the course they’re supposed to do.  Once done, the judge himself or herself will have to lift the D6 suspension.

FR Suspension Or Financial Responsibility Suspension

An FR suspension stands for Financial Responsibility suspension. The DMV basically states that driving is a privilege, so they promulgated many different ways for your license to be suspended.

In a Financial Responsibility suspension, if you don’t pay a traffic ticket, if you don’t pay a red light camera ticket, if you don’t pay your insurance, if you don’t pay the things that are required for you to be able to drive, the DMV will suspend your license for the financial responsibility and in order to get your license back, you’ll have to pay off everything you own in order for an individual to drive again.

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