Consequences of Traffic Violations in Florida

Consequences Of Traffic Violations, And License Suspensions In Florida

Habitual Traffic Offenders In Florida And Their Consequences

A habitual traffic offender is found under statute 322.264. That means that someone receives 3 or more specific traffic violations within a 5-year period.  These violations include serious cases such as vehicular manslaughter but they also include any combination of DUI, driving while license suspended, or even if they receive 15 traffic infractions in that period, such as speeding, running red light, no lights on, etc.

If someone picks up two driving while license suspended (DWLSR) within a 5-year period, they are a habitual offender.

Short And Long Term Effects Of Having A Traffic Violation On Your Record

When someone gets a traffic infraction or multiple traffic infractions and they don’t have an attorney deal with them, the short term effects are that their insurance is going to go up costing hundreds or possibly even thousands of extra dollars a year.

Long term effects if you start getting points on your license, you’re putting yourself at risk of a driver’s license suspension. Once your license is suspended, it is considered a criminal charge if you then knowingly drive.  License suspensions can be very problematic as you legally can’t drive to work, to visit friends or loved ones or even to maintain the necessities of life. So it is vital that your license is not suspended.  The criminal defense lawyers at Blake & Dorsten, P.A. may be able to save your license!

Consequences Of License Suspension For Commercial Drivers

The biggest consequence of a commercial driver’s license suspension is that your actual livelihood is at risk. It is crucial to have a lawyer representing them because one cannot avoid points on their commercial driver’s license (CDL). Any infraction or moving violation you receive as a commercial driver, you are not allowed to get a withhold.  The judge must give you points on your CDL which renders many drivers unemployable.  The bottom line is unless you have a lawyer fighting for you and getting the ticket dismissed, you will be receiving points on your CDL.

This is the Florida point system, and for commercial drivers who drive for a living, it’s a lot stricter and they are a lot more likely to suspend your CDL or Commercial Driver’s License.

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