St. Petersburg teacher arrested after drunken rampage

From the BayNews9 website, a local teacher is facing felony charges after going on an alcohol binge…

30-year-old Keesha Graham will not want to bring this up at her next show-and-tell. The St. Petersburg second-grade teacher was arrested by police after what witnesses call “an alcohol-fueled rampage”.

Clearwater police arrested Ms. Graham for burglary and disorderly intoxication after Ms. Graham was walking in and out of traffic and trying to enter a locked vehicle (a potential burglary of a conveyance charge). Police told her to leave the location but she had other ideas…

The intoxicated teacher later walked into a home on Gulfview Boulevard uninvited and police were called after the homeowner asked her to leave.

The suspect refused to leave and sat down on the homeowner’s couch. With that police finally had enough and arrested the defendant.

Ms. Graham is (was?) a teacher at John Sexton Elementary School and parental outcry was quick. One of the parents interviewed by Bay News 9 was shocked that the events occurred and was grateful that this did not happen at the school.

“Your children are supposed to be everything to you and you’re sending them to the most safest place that you think during the day and then you find out stuff like this,” the shocked parent said. “It just makes you wonder.”

As of this writing Ms. Graham has been released on $5,100 bond and charges are pending.


The disorderly intoxication is a misdemeanor but the burglary of a dwelling, Florida Statute 810.02, is a second-degree felony, punishable by up to 15 years in prison. What makes it worse for Ms. Graham is that because the house was occupied, the charge is now a “PBL” or punishable by life!

It is obviously too early to know what may happen with these charges. Based on just the report, it sounds like Ms. Graham was not attempting to commit a crime when she went into the stranger’s home. If that is correct, the state may be better off filing a trespass charge instead.

This is one of those cases where it is vital to have a criminal defense attorney on this case before charges are filed. A burglary defense attorney would be able to talk with the state before charges are filed and perhaps convince them to lessen these serious cases.

No matter what becomes of this case, the defendant has already suffered embarrassment and possibly the loss of her employment. The last thing she needs is a prison sentence for what appears to be a bad mistake.

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