Civil Rights Restoration: Part 5 of 5

Other Questions Related To Civil Rights Restoration


What Are Some Other Things Someone Should Know Before They Start Restoring Their Civil Rights?

There are two main things: One, is to be patient. It’s not an overnight process, not even a few month process.  It is something you have to realize will take time. Secondly, anybody who tries to tell you there is a 100% guarantee that you will get your rights back, is not being honest with you. There is no guarantee.

What Are The Costs Associated With Getting Your Civil Rights Restored?

The costs are going to vary but you have to realize that it’s not just one or two court appearances. It is oftentimes costly because it’s time-consuming for the attorney and it’s something where they’ve been working on your case for years. Again, it’s not like a traffic ticket where you just go in once or twice or a criminal case that you know will be over in a matter of months. This is a case you need to keep track of and work on for years.

The entire process can be costly for the client but as far as the actual cost itself, that’s usually recommended you just speak with a law firm about. Call the law firm of Blake & Dorsten, P.A. and they will be able to give you an exact price.

What Is The Difference Between Civil Rights And Pardon?

The main difference between a civil rights restoration and a pardon is civil rights restoration basically means you’re still a convicted felon but you have your rights restored. A pardon erases your felony conviction. When you get a full pardon, it means you’re no longer considered to have been convicted of such charge.


How Can The Firm Of Blake & Dorsten Help In Restoring Your Civil Rights?

The law firm of Blake & Dorsten, .PA. can help people all throughout the state of Florida to restore their civil rights. We can get it done timely and efficiently and do everything that needs to be done. So there is no costly time wasting if papers are forgotten or certain things are forgotten.


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