Beer company sued by inmates as the cause of there bad behavior?!

Like the lawsuits against big tobacco in the 1980s and following in the footsteps of a nearby Indian reservation, five inmates in the Idaho Department of Corrections are suing major beer companies. Why? They are blaming their legal troubles on alcoholism and claiming they were not warned about the dangers of drinking…

According to the Idaho Statesman, the five Idaho inmates filed the lawsuit without a lawyer. It names a total of eight defendants including Coors, Miller brewing and Jim Bean.

The inmates, Keith Brown and co-plaintiffs Jeremy Joseph Brown, Woodrow John Grant Cory Alan Baugh, and Steven Todd Thompson also wrote affidavits explaining how alcohol has affected their lives.

Keith Brown, after fleeing to Florida, was found and later convicted of voluntary manslaughter. He has spent nearly 30 years behind bars. In his affidavit, Mr. Brown claims that he spent all this time in prison because of alcohol and people being intoxicated. He continued, “At no time in my life, prior to me becoming an alcoholic, was I ever informed that alcohol was habit forming and addictive.”

Another potential Plaintiff, 34 year-old Jeremy Brown is currently serving 20-30 years for aggravated battery against a man in 2001. He claims he was drunk at the time and if it wasn’t for that fact, he never would have shot the man. He too is claiming he had no idea that alcohol is potentially habit forming!

Mr. Baugh is serving 7-10 years for a grand theft and drug convictions. Mr. Grant is serving time for aggravated battery and drug charges. 44 year-old Mr. Thompson is serving three more years of prison for grand theft and multiple drug charges. They all say the same thing: because of alcohol, they fear that they cannot be productive members of society and so want someone to blame…What are the legal odds of this case being a winner? As a Pinellas county law firm that specializes is criminal defense and personal injury, this case looks like it is going nowhere fast. Unlike the infamous McDonald’s hot coffee case there should be no surprises even if this case gets to a jury. Alcohol consumption and it’s possible side affects have been widly known for hundreds of years. Unlike “Big Tobacco”, there is no evidence that alcohol companies have purposely tried to hide their dangers.

Finally, this case should put off a large percentage of any jurors. It looks like these men are not taking responsibility for their actions, rather they look like they are just after a quick payday!

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