Aaron Hernandez sued for Florida nightclub shooting

The Aaron Hernandez murder investigation has taken a turn for the more bizarre. Per the ABA journal, he is now getting sued for an earlier shooting of a man near a south Florida nightclub.

As the country now knows, Aaron Hernandez was charged with first-degree murder in Massachusetts. His friend and semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd’s body was found shot in a park less then a mile from Hernandez’s home. The evidence seems strong. Hernandez refused to cooperate with the police and destroyed his cell phone as well as several minutes of security footage in his home. However, surveillance cameras outside the park shows a his SUV enter the area shortly before gunfire was heard. The SUV was a rental, rented by a friend of Aarons and when it was returned a ’45 caliber gun casing was found, the same caliber as what killed Odin Lloyd. Hernandez was seen at home with a handgun. The deceased had previously texted his girlfriend letting her know that he was with the now ex-NFL tight end and that he felt worried. Most damning of all? A piece of bubble gum and another ’45 casing was found near the body. This same brand and flavor of bubblegum (a very unusual one) was purchased by the defendant earlier that day!

It gets weirder. Now, police have found more evidence linking Hernandez to the previous killings of two men in a Boston drive-by shooting in Boston over a year ago. There is suspicion that Odin Lloyd was killed because he was seen by Hernandez talking with guys at a nightclub who knew the Boston shooting victims.

Not Smiling Now

Within hours of his arrest, Hernandez was cut by the Patriots. He is still being held in jail without bond, something his criminal defense lawyer disagrees with.

“There is no eyewitness testimony,” said his lawyer, at a Massachusetts court hearing last week as he unsuccessfully argued for $250,000 bond. “There has been no indications of any direct evidence as to who shot the decedent, who was present when the decedent was shot, whether there was a plan to kill the decedent, and any other indication that if there was such a plan, Mr. Hernandez was part of it.”

As if he does not have enough headaches to worry about, Hernandez has been sued by a personal injury attorney in federal court June 13. The New York lawyer claims that his client, Alexander Bradley, was shot by the murder defendant. On February 13, Bradley was shot in the face while in a vehicle with the suspect and two other men after a night at a South Florida strip club. The Plaintiff, who is seeking $100,000 for injuries, was found in an industrial park by the club, severely injured.

The personal injury attorney admitted to USA Today of his surprise with the defendant’s arrest.

“You can’t make this stuff up. When I filed this simple lawsuit for Mr. Bradley’s injuries, the last thing I expected was they would find a dead body near his house and he’d be under investigation to two other dead bodies”. “That’s not what I expected when we filed our simple lawsuit.”

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