A Pinellas County pill mill doctor faces the music

A recent article in the Tampa Bay Times discusses pill mills and the abuse of prescription drugs .

The man, Dr. Sanjeev Grover, was accused of selling prescriptions and pain pills illegally. What finally trapped the “good doctor” was that he sold over 5000 pills to an undercover DEA officer in exchange for $10,000.

Last October, reality finally caught up with Dr. Grover when the DEA arrested him along with several other Tampa area doctors, dealing in prescriptions or pain pills. The result? The doctor has already lost his medical license and can face up to 20 years in federal prison after he pled last March to federal charges of distributing oxycodone.

According to the suspect, his crimes could be boiled down into one word…greed.

During an interview with a local newspaper, the man told the reporter how he ended on his path to ruin. After being raised in India, he moved to the United States and went to medical school. He eventually became a professor at the West Virginia school of medicine. After deciding he needed to spend more time with his family, they moved to Florida in 2004 where he took over a pediatric practice and was hit by reality.

His large overhead and stiff competition resulted in his practice going under and his family losing his home in 2008. He did not know what he was going to do until a fellow medical professional offered him a job at a local pain clinic. Expecting a legitimate medical practice, what he found shocked him.

Patients from all over the country and state. Nonspecific complaints, such as a “sore neck” or “sore back”. Constant begging for oxycodone or other prescription drugs. By the time the doctor realized he was working at a so called “pill mill”, it was too late. Making easy money of $5,000 or more per week proved too hard to resist.

In December 2010, Dr. Grover learned about a new pill mill in Palm Harbor. He began to work there, unaware that the feds were watching this business closely. The clinic was finally shut down in January, in part due to Dr. Grover’s actions.

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